Interview with Marieme

"Marieme is a true artist. A warrior. A goddess. A deeply spiritual person who uses her voice, not just musically, but to move us with powerful messaging. I always get such positive energy from her. She’s gonna lead us to a good place. " – Nicola Formichetti about MARIEME
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Interview with Marieme


Where are you based and what do you do? 

Currently I’m based in LA and Vegas. I used to say I was a singer but I’m a lot more than that. I’m a songwriter, poet, and healer. I love making things with my hands, clothes and accessories. I’m an Artist! 

Tell me about your friendship with Nicola. 

Nicola has been one of my favorite artists since I saw his work. I’ve always wanted to have Nicola in my life, and one day I reached out to him and he responded with such kindness that we’ve been working together since. He has been so supportive, I pinch myself all the time because it’s rare to be around someone who is a humble genius. 

That is so awesome that you kind of manifested your friendship with Nicola! What would your say your relationship to the digital space is? 

I love the digital space. I got 3D scanned at the beginning of Covid and have been using my avatar for a music video called “Freedom” and other projects since. I’m very excited for the space because it’s limitless, and so my ideas have also become limitless. I’ve always seen myself in different settings being able to do things that defy physics, and now with the rise of the digital world anything can happen. 

You mentioned you love doing things with your hands. How do you still find a way to get that special tactile experience while operating with pieces like your avatar that exist in a virtual space? 

The thing I love about the Digital space is that you can still work with your hands, like with my oculus I’m learning to DJ in VR and there are programs where you’re able to create art using your hands, which doesn’t leave you wanting more. I love it. I can even make clothes for my avatar, so it all still feels hands on. I think working in both worlds is still good, so I never lose the feeling of complete Immersion. 

I love what you say about possibilities and ideas becoming endless. Are there any new ideas that you could've never imagined coming up with without the advent of digital art? Or conversely, a work of art that you felt or were told would be impossible in the past that feels absolutely doable now? 

In real life I can’t have fire coming out of me but in the virtual world, I can. And I can live in a fabulous city and change environments with the blink of an eye. I can do anything and that is amazing to me. What I’m most excited about is the ways in which I’ll be able to portray my emotions and my view of the world without the constraint of time and space. I’m also excited to see how the evolution in how we consume music in VR happens, because the soundscapes would change completely, like spatial sound and the tech used in it. 

Finally, who are other multi-hyphenate or mixed media creatives that have been playing with the digital sphere that you feel excited or inspired by?

Some artists and digital works I’m excited about are Strangeloop Studios (a VR Art studio), Selly Raby Kane (a mixed media African artist who works in the space), and TRIPP (a meditation all in VR, it’s amazing).




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私が面白いと思っているのはStrangeloop Studios (VR内のアートスタジオ)、セリー・レイビー・ケイン (デジタルとミックスミディアで制作するアフリカのアーティスト)、とTRIPP (VRでの瞑想。これは本当に凄いです。)